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Viva El Peru (Long live Peru) 28.09.2011
Exploring the lost city of the Incas 27.09.2011
The sacred valley of the Incan Empire 24.09.2011
Sand in your unides 20.09.2011
The fall of the Incan empire 16.09.2011
There's nothing quite like a 12 hour Sunday drive 12.09.2011
Rally of Peru and our first taste of pre Inca ruins 10.09.2011
Oh the joys of a third world country 08.09.2011
Taraporto 06.09.2011
Good bye Iquitos, hello Taraporto 05.09.2011
Going down the Amazon 02.09.2011
Welcome to the jungle 02.09.2011
No entiendo 30.08.2011
Achievement objective: Navigate way to foreign country. 28.08.2011
Operation Pack 26.08.2011