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There's nothing quite like a 12 hour Sunday drive

The longest windiest drive of my life.

overcast 18 °C

So heres a map to show you just how far we have travelled already

Anyways to make it from our last destination to Carjamarca there is only one way and that's to take the back roads of Peru which pretty means a gravel or dirt road that dangles itself on the sides of mountains. So with this being our only option we hired a car as mini buses dont fit and headed off

The road we travlled along chiseled into the side of the mountain

Db with the luggage as we all had to hop out to change the tyre

View from 3000m

Everytime we got to a bumb we had to get out so the car wouldnt belly out

We finally reached a destination and what a beautiful place it is by night.
The cathedral Cajamarca

Db and cathedral

Myself and catherdal

We are finally back in Wifi territory and the speed is proberly just normal but dang it feels fast. So i thought i would take this opportunity to upload more photos of the days past for all of ya to have a stalk through :)

Me at the plaza in a small town of Llama were the people still live quite traditionally

Cute little church in the city of Llama

Local girls in Llama the elder woman believe that their souls may be captured in cameras so weren't willing to have a photo

Local watering hole in Moyobamba

Me at watering hole

Me with my new friends, local school kids from Moyobamba


The famous John Connor (right) and his mate

Playing volleyball with the locals

It's a tucan, i wanted to hold it but they laughed and said it would fly away

Well there's some photos for you to have a look through
We are off to explore Carjamarca now
so until we post again stay well and safe
Sherry and Db

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Rally of Peru and our first taste of pre Inca ruins

Our adventures in Chachapoyas

rain 13 °C

Well we have left Moyobamba and now find ourselves in Chachapoyas. Lets just say the drive here was one of the freakiest rides i have been on for awhile. Take a road to Whitianga half it, then put a mini bus that is over loaded on it and drive as fast as you can haha. Man was i glad for that trip to be over.

So now we find ourselves in Chachapoyas and you can tell we have diffently left the amazon as it is the first time since we left that we have had to wear hoodies. still rocking the shorts however haha.

So anyways Chachapoyas is situated high in the mountains about 3000m above sea level and is home to ruins that are said to be pre Inca belonging to the local tribes of this area. They were taken over by the Incans though and then eventually the Spainards.
We travlled two hours by car then hiked a half hour too reach them and man was it a killer on the way up as you are literally short of breath because of the altitude. Good test for Machu Pichu it was. Anyways this place was amazing just to see how people could have lived this high and the way they structured their buildings. Heres a small sample of some of the photos we took. Sorry takes ages to upload photos

Entrance to the Kuelap ruins

Remains of the houses after the Spainards attacked

They believe these buildings housed royals as the design is more intrinsic

Db and the watch tower

Its me and a Llama

Always coca cola

Me having a well earned rest

Db and the mountains in the background

Bones intombed in the wall of the ruins

Well will try and post more photos soon.
We heading out tomorrow for some other town so till i post again love ya

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Oh the joys of a third world country

Diarrhoea, itchy bites, sun burn and no toilet seats

sunny 38 °C

Well good news i have my ankles back :) bad news i (Sherry) since i lasted posted got the squirts which was bound to happen i guess. I am better now as i got all drugged up (legal ones) and i now im good to go but not so curious of the local market food anymore haha.
As for Db we went on a tour of some local watering holes and more waterfalls and while i got sunburnt after applying spf50+ sunscreen (didnt even know there was such a thing) Db was attacked by mosquitos that even took to his face. He´s alright though so don´t panic hes still breathing.

Anyways i wont be able to post photos this time as the internet spped is worse than dial up, bit of a blast from the past really.
But we are both still safe and having a blast we are now in the small town of Moyobamba where we will soon leave to make our way up into the mountains to Chicapoyas, some place with old inca ruins.

Anyways since we last posted we travelled 4 hours by bus and it was the flashed bus we have ever been on only suckly thing about it was that i had to watch Beverly Hills Chi in Spanish (from what i made of it, it is a pretty cool film haha)

So now in Moyobamba we have been to some local hot springs with were pretty clean considering the place followed by some awesome natural springs and waterfalls just out of Moyobamba where i (Sherry) became the tourist attraction with a whole lot of children asking me questions in Spanish for ten minutes. Our firend had to tranmslate haha. One of the kids John Conner (haha i love his name) who started following me around got his teacher who speaks a bit of English to ask if i was married haha.

Will hopefully get a chance sometime to upload photos of John Connor and his friends as he wants me to make him famous in New Zealand.

Well tomorrow we leave bound for 7 hour bus/car through what we have been told is a pretty windy road. So think of us as you cruise along your quiet comfy streets.

Until we post again
Sherry and Db

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Waterfalls, lagoons and bush walks

sunny 36 °C

So we left the Amazon heading towards the highlands (mountains) where the town of Taraporto is.

Got quite freaked at first because the flight we were on stopped at Taraporto before heading on to Lima. Once off the plane and waiting for our luggage an airport security man come up to me and ask told me this wasn't Lima ( thinking i was meant to be heading there) when i told him "no i Taraporto" he just looked at me really weird. It was at this point we thought crap whats wrong with this place if he think tourists don't come here, but we had nothing to worry about. This place is smaller than Iquitos but the people are just as friendly. Taraporto has some amazing lookouts, awesome waterfalls and lagoons.
So anyways as for what we have been doing here, first night we went with some girls the guys had met to a local dance and oh my goodness I nearly died, It was like nonstop Zumba for five hours, oh did I metion I totally un co. Was a good good night though but I had very sore legs and it didn’t help that the next day we hired two mototaxis and travelled up into the mountains to a zoo which is home to the local animals of this area.
[b]Heading up the mountains by mototaxi, the BEST way to travel[b]

[b] While resting at some lookout we had to have some photos haha[b]

[b] This is my post jumping stance haha[b]

Once we were at the entrance of the zoo were we told it would be a short walk to the actual zoo entrance. I can tell you now that in the extreme heat and only up this tiny steps made for pigme feet it was perhaps the most awefuliest hike i have ever been on.

[b] Me and the mighty condor, can you see the hidden pain on my face for the climb to get here[b]

[b] Db and the condor we have been told there are only three places in the world where you can see this birds flying freely[b]

[b] giant turtle, made me sad when the guide acted out eating it then followed it by mmm[b]

There was light at the end of the tunnel though, with our taxi driver suggesting we stop off for a swim at a local waterfall.. This place reminded me of home, but with the need to escape the extreme heat this waterfall was way better haha.

[b]beauitful waterfall and pool, even comes complete with tyres for floating :)[b]


[b]Db washing himself haha[b]

Well from now on my postings may become less frequent as we are continuing our journey by bus over the mountains stopping off along the way at some tiny towns which i am not sure will have wifi.
So till we post again.
Lots of love,
Sherry and Db

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Good bye Iquitos, hello Taraporto

Final day in Iquitos and first day in Taraporto

sunny 40 °C

Happy belated father's day Dad!

What an adventure so far. I (Sherry) was actually pretty sad to be leaving Iquitos, it is such a crazy place but the locals were soooo kind and Ranger and Elvis are the best tour guides anyone could ask for.
So on our last day in Iquitos Db wasn't feeling well due to self inflicted injuries the day before, (i on the other hand am a good girl and don't do that stuff). So it was just me keen for Ranger's tour of what i would describe as the rural area od Iquitos. So in the mototaxi i jumped and Ranger took me to a rural village with a local watering hole where i chose not to swim naked haha but instead wade in the water and be ambushed by curious kids. It makes me smile how no matter where you are all kids are the same they all want to tell you their stories and they all want to see themselves on camera haha.

A bit blurry as Ranger had trouble with my camera but you get the general idea, this is a local watering hole.



Loved how these boys were using a plank of wood as a lilo pre whacking each other with it haha

My new wateringhole firends i gave them 5 solos for hanging with me and because they are so poor which is like $1 NZ and they were soo stoked, just goes to show how sometyimes we forget how well off we truely are.

So after my time chilling with the locals at the watering hole we had to stop in at the local mechanics to get an oil change for the mototaxi (as you do when you have a tourist on board haha) We think we are handy in NZ but seriously these people can make anything out of anything and are soo resourceful.

Just a quick oil change and then we were off

Anyways it was now back to the Hotel where we picked up sleeping beauty (Db) and the other boys and headed off to our final lunch with Elvis and Ranger. Ranger then decided that i needed a manicure, Haha i must say this was the last thing i thought i needed being in the Amazon and all.

Our new Iquitos family, Elvis and Ranger

Mmm lunch

Everyone needs a manicure in the amazon haha

The finished master piece

Sadly it was now getting dark meaning it was time to head back to the hotel and pack as we were on yet another plane to Taraporto (we had to fly because it will take 5 days to get there by boat as there is no road access in or out of Iquitos).
We now find ourselves in Taraporto where it is yet still extremely hot and yes i still have my cankles.
Will hopefully be able to post photos when i find a faster wireless conection

Until i post again
much love
Sherry and Db

p.s found this in a shop, turns out you can get some fanny pretty cheap here haha

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