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Viva El Peru (Long live Peru)

The final days of our adventuare

semi-overcast 17 °C

So it is time to say goodbye to Peru our end our adventure for now

But before that here is a quick post of our final few days.
Once we left Machu Picchu we headed back on the 5am train to Cusco. Here we went SHOPPING for presents and did some final sightseeing, oh and some eating :)

The Cathedral at the plaza de armas


My artistic shot of the Plaza, see the little yellow taxi in the bottom, all the taxis are like this and we manged to fit 4 growen adults in it and our packs, oh yeah

Streets of Cusco

Beautiful old buildings and flowers surrounded the whole of the plaza in Cusco

Myself with a little golden Inca man :) pretty freaky at first i didnt know he was real cause it was so tiny

again a statue of the Incan king

Me with my new pure alpaca blanky, I am in LOVE with the colours and fabrics of this place.

Db playing with his new chess set. Pretty awesome the pieces have been made into the Spaniards and the Incans

So later that night as it was our last dinner together as a group we decided we needed to go somewhere nice to celebrate.
Db and myself with our flash as menus, this design was also painted on the back of every chair. it was perhaps the flashest resturant i have ever been too.

Awesome live music of the flute, traditional highland music of Peru

Live entertainment, with dances from all over Peru, this one reminded me of the wild things haha


Oh look who got picked out of the crowd to dance, surprise, surprise it is me. I always get picked to do these things and im always the one saying no.no.no


More dancers

Our groups and Jesus aunty.

Ok warning the following photos are not for the faint hearted

Db decided he wanted to try cuy (GUINEA PIG) i couldnt do a whole one it so i ordered alpaca instead and then once Db had started he pulled a piece of for me. i can tell you guinea pig is quite a strange taste.

Look at it, it still had its teeth!

Side view

Boys having a celebration drink, me being a fool :)

Beautiful people clothes in alpaca fabric

So it was time to say goodbye to Cusco and head back to Lima and it turns out Db is quite a cool guy haha. He booked us into the airport 4 star hotel!.

I tell you now after a month of cold showers, toilets with no toilet seats or toilet paper, some strange beds with plastic sheets at the bottom that made a funny noise when i rolled this place was heaven!

This toilet even had a phone by it so you could ring room service, NICE! haha

A huge bed! and it was soft and snuggly

Oh and i can't forget the bath oh i mean Jacuzzi in the room :)

Note: i dont useally where togs in the bath but for the point of this photo i thought it was a requirement haha

Haha Db had more bubbles cause i poured a bit to much in for him. The white bathroom also makes him look very black. He isn't actually that dark ok people.

Well from here i got treated to a manicure, pedicure and a facial at the spa that it situated in the hotel. as i have never really had any of this girly stuff this was awesome and i can tell you i am coming home as one nice smelling traveller.

So thanks again for reading and this will be our last blog as i am pretty sure you don't need to know what i get up to in Sydney which is pretty much watching home and away and being stuck in traffic. So with that I say bye bye to Peru and thanks all for your comments and i hope i get to see you all soon.

Viva El Peru, Long live Peru! This adventure has truely been amazing for the both of us and i know that i at least will be coming home a lot more apprecitive of what i have and the awesome country i call home, thats New Zealand by the way NOT Australia haha

Well thats it my friends
Love Db and Sherry

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Exploring the lost city of the Incas

Our journey to Machu Picchu

sunny 18 °C

We made it!

Well it all started with a stratically picked outfit (my kiwi top so no one miss took me for Australian and a crazy drive with a kamikaze taxi driver to the small town of Ollantaytambo where we were to catch the train for a two and a half hour journey to Aguas Calientes. The small town of Machu Picchu.

Waiting for the train to Mach Picchu

On board the train



Amazing scenes from the train

We arrived, found our hostel then took the time to explore this very steep but cute little town that is pretty much a tourist haven. You can walk around the whole city in half an hour and the locals from there certainly put on the charm :)
Aguas Calientes is pretty much at the bottom of a mountain, surrounded by mountains and the streets go straight up, good for the butt and thighs haha

River running through the town

Pretty cool flora here

Dinner time, seriously the food here is soo good you can order anything and it will be good even if you don't know what it is cause it is in spanish haha

Db and myself at the plaza

The last Incan king looking over the town. love the moody mountains

After exploring it was off to bed as tomorrow would be D day.

Woke up at 5am to be one of the first off the bus to get to Machu Picchu at 6am. We arrived at the entrance to find people were already queing, but that's ok cause we had to find our tour group with a pretty cool guide named Eddie. So with our group ready we took off, at this point you can't even see Machu Picchu and then suddenly you turn a corner and there she is in all her glory.

(i might of had a little tear as this place truely is breath taking. Db wont admit to having any emotions causes he's hard haha)

So from here we spent till 4pm exploring the ruins and i guess i will just let the photos do the talking.
Walking up to Machu Picchu

Db's first sight of the awesomeness

Pretty stoked I made it

This was the main door to the city of Machu Picchu and still has the hinge made of stone today, meaning it must have once had a wooden door. Sadly back in the day when it was discovered, as it was heavily overgrowen to quckly clear it they set the dense jungle/bush alight burning the bush and anything that may have been wooden e.g. doors, roofs....


Incan houses, they once would have had a grass roof.

Incan house

Agricutlural terraces, used to grow maze, potato and avacado. Pretty cool as when it rained the run off would make its way town the terraces working as irrigation. Also being on the side of the mountain the wind kept the produce fresh and at a cooler temperature.

Incan wall, the way they created these is amazing craftmanship

Lunch break

Group shot, we made it!

Db and myself and Machu Picchu


us again

Wyna picchu, the one that looks down on Machu Picchu

Incan houses


agricultural terraces


Turns out Llamas like bananas

Look at my national geographic shot, pretty proud haha

Having a moment

Old Incan stairs just hanging out of the wall haha

Incan houses

Llama admiring the view


Machu Picchu yeah!
Short Movie of Machu Picchu

From Machu Picchu Db and I walked an hour up mountain (not up hill haha) to the sun gate which is the spot you would first sight Machu Picchu when travelling the Inca trail. It is also called the sun gate as for 6 mnths of the year the sun rises exactly here.

Yip this is how high we made it to, was quite hard to breath going up

Us at the sun gate, there were lots of travellers who had just finished the Inca trail and had just sighted Machu Picchu, the emotion on their faces was priceless, awesomeness. One group of about 11 were all over 55 with one old chap having turned 79 on the trail. NOTE: the Inca trail takes 4 days 3 nights walking with a pack from Cusco. What a legand he was.

Db at the sun gate, we found a kiwi here, whose son had also rang her to tell her baout the warriors :)


Agua Calientes the town where we started from.

Another short movie of the way up to the sun gate
On the way to the sun gate
We then walked further to an old Inca bridge which pretty much was just hanging on the side of the mountains, with a very narrow path chizzled into it.

Incan bridge

Close up of bridge

Well if you have managed to read till the end you are awesome and thanks for sharing our adventures with us.
P.S If you can you need to come here it is quite indescribable and has given me a whole new outlook on how people can live and make do with any situation, cause this place it seriously in the strangest but grandest place yet they built an entire city that still stands today.

Till we post again from Cusco
Take care and start saving :)
Sherry and Db

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The sacred valley of the Incan Empire

Exploring the sacred valley around Cusco

overcast 10 °C

Mum, Dad are you out there? Havent heard from you in awhile

Anyways GO THE WARRIORS! Db decided it would be an awesome idea to wake up at 4:30 and listen to the game on a radio through his IPhone. I however was still trying to sleep as i knew he would be talking about it all day anyway if they won and we are heading off to Macchu Pichu. Sadly i was unable to sleep because everytime the Warriors got a try or the refs did something Db didn't like, he decided it would be a good idea to shake me followed by pacing around the hotel room, which let me tell you has old creeky wooden floors. But hey lets just say we have one VERY happy Db.

So we have arrived in cute little Cusco and man this place is soo high up that it is crazy how people live here. It is hard explaining what it is like with the altitude but we walked a block on flat ground and found ourselves puffing. We also discovered after climbing some pretty extreme ruins that while we were puffing hard core looking to catch our breath we didnt actually have a fast heart rate.

So with this altitude we got off the plane and Db instantly had a bit of a spinning head ache and pain behind your eyes. So we headed to the hotel where we were greeted to a warm cup of coco tea. These are the leaves used to make cocaine, but before you get angry mum you need a butt load of leaves to make cocaine and the amount of leaves i put in my cup is perfectly legal and didn't make me high but they do believe here that it helps to stimulate the blood cells to carry more oxygen.

Cocoa leaves, you just put as many as you want in a cup of hot water and you good to go. Taste ok actually

This places has an AMAZING range of corn, and some of them are crazily big. The purple corn is used to make the yummiest drink called Chicha. i will seriously miss this drink.

From our all nighter of resting the next day we got up bright and chirpy and we were off to explore the sacred valley. This place is truely amazing and the Incans were some crazy arse people for the achievements they made and the mountains they climbed.

The sacred valley

Db and myself and the sacred valley. This valley runs all the way to Macchu Pichu

Our first stop was the ruins at Pisac.
Slopes built by the Incans where they grew their crops. they designed it like this for irrigation and because of the wind. quite smart people really.

Ican windows

Db and Incan houses in the background

Not sure what these were but whatever they were it is clear Db is too tall to be an Incan, people here call him Grandaso (means massive) one kid even called it out when Db was entering a hot pool then quickly swam away.

Old Incan temple

The group

Haha i got my jumping photo

Next stop were the Incan ruins of Ollantaytambo
The ruins

Look carefully in the red circle and you can see the face of an Incan king, pretty cool huh. you should be able to see a profile of the side of his face with his head gear on.

Myself at a water fountain used by the priests, the Incan irrigation system is seriously amazing

Db at fountain

More of the ruins

Last stop was a temple build by the Spaniards dating back to the 17th century in Chinchero.

On the way to the tempole with snow capped mountains, we were seriously high at this stage

Db and myself and our new friend the guinea pig

Me and the guinea pig

At the entrance to the plaza outside the temple

Huge cross at the temple

The temple

Oh and here some photos of the beautiful people of the sacred valley
Boy and his Llama and lamb with Cusco in the background


Me with the young boy, discovered he only has one look when taking a photo but smiles hard out when you give him some money for posing with you haha

Beautiful girls in traditional wear

Myself with the girls and my cool new beanie cause it is soooooo flippin cold.

Beautiful lady at the markets outside the temple

Well thats the sacred valley, next stop Macchu Pichu :)

Till i post a massive blog from the Lost city stay safe
Love ya all
Sherry and Db

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Sand in your unides

From the mountains to the coast

semi-overcast 22 °C

Shout outs to the following.
Dad: we have cable in most of our hotel rooms so have been following the rugby wasn't it flippin beautiful when Ireland beat Aussie haha.
Mumma Butler: You can't take that boy Fraser anywhere haha i love how he chooses to crap at the most inconvenient time.
Houston: No question popped as he is now to poor for a ring haha.
Warriors: Go you good things go!

So we have offically left the highlands (mountains) and found ourselves at the coast in a little beach town called Mancora. Very touristy here with some guy who had pigeon English asking us if we were from Auckland or Wellington when we said we were from New Zealand. I kind of took it for granted that everyone knows little old New Zealand, but some people don't even know where Australia is haha.

Anyways Db and I went for a walk along the beach (no Rachel no proposal) and came across everything besides sea shells.
A huge sea lion washed up on the beach who had been attacked by valtures, these things are honestly HUGE. Db wanted me to lie down by it for scale. how sick is that.

I spy with my little eye a sea horse. these were lying everywhere on the beach.

We then got to watch the most amazing sunseat, and try to cool off as it was some extreme heat here and i (Sherry) got a bit pink/red.
Watching the sun go down

Amazing sun set

Taking a little walk

Oh and a cute little puppy at the resort. There were heaps but he was my favourite. They are rolley puppies and man they really were little rolls of cutiness

From Mancora we travelled 12 hours (not fun) by bus to the city of Trujillo pretty much the Las Vagas of Peru apart from the Casinos, but it deffently had the sand. There is sand at this place as far as the eye can see.
Trujillo is home to the Chun Chun ruins. The biggest city made out of sand bricks. This place was MASSIVE. It used to be home to about 250,000 Chimu people pre Inca. The Incans came but as they are form the highlands (mountains) didn't really adjust to the coast so they desserted it and left it to the Spaniards who once aagin came took the good stuff and buggered off. We met an awesome Brazilian guy here who has heard of New Zealand and the All Blacks so he was our friend straight away. He then took a look at Db and said "Maori eh?" in the coolest accent ever. i think Db was pretty chuffed someone here knew who he was. He then asked the other two guys we are with where they were from and when they said Australia he laughed at them. Haha it made me whole day cause he said "no good at rugby huh?"

Db and myself at the Chan Chan ruins totally made out of sand, so impressive.

Walkways at the ruins

Db next to the huge passage ways, to keep the nobel in and the common people out of the main palace.

In the middle of all this sand the clever Chimu people had managed to irrigate a pretty impressive lake.

Storage houses for food, mostly corn, beans, sweet potato

Db and myself with people dressed in what the Chimu people would have worn.

At some other ruins made by the Chimu the work on the stone represents the type of building it was


Me and the huge walls of artwork, once again so impressive

From here the other two guys we are on the trip with, found some dodgy girls online to hangout/play with. So for this stop it has just been Db and myself. Which has been crazy as both of our spanish sucks but we have managed to order our meals, requesting eggs runny, ask for milk in our drinks and medium rare steak. We even managed to to book ourselves a tour sand surfing these massive dunes with a guy named Amando.
Db up on the board, not for long hahaha

Me on the board

Going down, note that im actually standing pretty proud of myself considering im totally un co with no balance

What goes down must come up. this was the sucky part of sand boarding everytime you went down which lasted about five mintues it took you 10 to get back up.

Db ready to roll

Db and our instructor Amando

Check out these awesome boarders

These are the dunes we were boarding they were sooooooo fricken high and gave you killer calves.

Here's some videos for you to laugh at. Mum/Dad click on the red writing to link you to the movies.
This is my first attempt at sand surfing quite proud really haha.
Note: I have the poorest balance in the world. and have always been too chicken to snowboard or ski so this was quite a proud moment haha
Oh and the thing on my head is my makeshift turban as there was sand everywhere and it was getting in my eyes and was extremely hot.

Db trying to sand surf
Db thought he was the man, but let me tell you i have at least an hour worth of footage of him rolling down the slopes.

Quite proud of this effort
Yip quite proud of this effort and the dismount was intentional cause i didnt want to go all the way to the bottom because i was too lazy to clim b all the way back.

We also made it to the seaside of Trujillo where Db and myself brought a little fishing line and tried our luck. With some help from a local who told us the bait the man had sold as was crap and told us to get this other shell fish which was like pipi's I caught our first fishy. i was pretty stoked with myself until Mr macho Db had to go and out do me with his catch. Anyways we have had heaps of fun exploring Trujillo and we are both pretty proud oursleves for surviving on our own and not getting lost.

Plaza de armas Trujillo, beautiful plaza in the most amazing colours

Our awesome little fishing line we brought from some man

I caught the first fish was pretty stoked with myself until........

Db had to go and catch a bigger one, i was soo not impressed, from then on he was trying to tell me how to fish grrrr.

Db trying to fish

Me again with fishy. Note no fish we harmed in the making of these photos we threw them all back.

From here we are flying back to Lima to rest a little until we head off to Cusco to tackle Macchu Pichu.

Take care all
Till we post again
Sherry and Db

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The fall of the Incan empire

Carjarmarca and the ransom room

overcast 17 °C

So turns out Carjarmarca has a lot of history as it is the city where the last Incan emperor came to his defeat. Here in Carjamarca we went to the exact room where he was held at ransom only to pay the ransom and be hanged anyway by the Spanish.

The last Incan king had just defeated his brother and was on his way home when he passed through Carjarmarca, being cocky and a little under the influence he went into meet the Spainards with only a few men this enabled the Spanards to capture him.

The Spaniards held him ransom in this exact room, NOTE The floor has heavily been excavated and was once flat like a normal floor.

The last Incan king then offered the Spaniards one room of gold and two rooms of silver filled to as high as he could reach, displayed in this picture.

The line indicating how high the room was to be filled with gold and with silver.

Sadly however the Spaniards took these offerings and proceeded to kill the Incan king anyway. They were to burn him until the priest offered him the opportunity to come to Christ and hang him instead. Isn't it a beautiful story haha.

Once we had visted the ransom room we then went on a tour of the cathedral where his body is said to have been buired under. It was quite a strange experience as their statues of priests and saints all had scarey faces with beady eyes. (sorry weren't allowed to take photos here) went right down under the cathedral to some graves of priests and other significant people. Kinda sad to see some plots had been excuvated and now their bones just they open at the bottom of a clay tomb.

Cathedral where the last Incan kings body lies beneath

From here we carried on our tour of grave sites (unintentionally) with our visit to a pre Incan burial site. These graves where quite crazy they were tunnels some found to be more than 8m long with tunnels then coming off them housing bodies of nobel Incans. Sadly the Spanards robbed many of the graves crushing many of the bones as they went.

Burial site for the nobel Incas. These tombs are said to be over 8m long and you could see tunnels going on the inital tunnel. Sadly the Spaniards robbed the craves and in doing so crushed many of the bones.

They once would have had large boulders covering the entry to the tombs but the Spaniards destroyed these.

Db and the tombs

Myself and the tombs

View from burial site

As part of our tour we also went to a cheese factory which was quite funny as we got to see how cheese and butter were made. It was a funny feeling to realise that for lots of growen adults they had no idea. Oh and yip their cheese was nice apart from this block of dirty green cheese that must have been sitting on the self for years, but people were still buying.

Anyways with our time in Carjamarca to an end we headed to the bus depot for an 11pm trip. NOTE we had to check out of the hotel at 11am so we have been homeless for 12hr and it gets cold at night.
Anyways we went with our Spanish speaking friend to get tickets which he informed us you can just rock up and get before the bus leaves and we all said no get them they day before, but he insisted. Anyways here we were all four of us only to be told there was only 3 seats. So instead of going on a four hour trip we ended up on a 7 hour trip with a connection trip of another 3 an a half hours. All was ok though because we booked a VIP sleeper bus that pretty much lets your seat recline into a bed without squashing the person behind you. Pretty awesome bus ride.

So after that bus ride through the night which was proberly for the best as the bus swayed from side to side like it was going to roll nearly the whole trip we find ourselves to Chiclayo.

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