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Sand in your unides

From the mountains to the coast

semi-overcast 22 °C

Shout outs to the following.
Dad: we have cable in most of our hotel rooms so have been following the rugby wasn't it flippin beautiful when Ireland beat Aussie haha.
Mumma Butler: You can't take that boy Fraser anywhere haha i love how he chooses to crap at the most inconvenient time.
Houston: No question popped as he is now to poor for a ring haha.
Warriors: Go you good things go!

So we have offically left the highlands (mountains) and found ourselves at the coast in a little beach town called Mancora. Very touristy here with some guy who had pigeon English asking us if we were from Auckland or Wellington when we said we were from New Zealand. I kind of took it for granted that everyone knows little old New Zealand, but some people don't even know where Australia is haha.

Anyways Db and I went for a walk along the beach (no Rachel no proposal) and came across everything besides sea shells.
A huge sea lion washed up on the beach who had been attacked by valtures, these things are honestly HUGE. Db wanted me to lie down by it for scale. how sick is that.

I spy with my little eye a sea horse. these were lying everywhere on the beach.

We then got to watch the most amazing sunseat, and try to cool off as it was some extreme heat here and i (Sherry) got a bit pink/red.
Watching the sun go down

Amazing sun set

Taking a little walk

Oh and a cute little puppy at the resort. There were heaps but he was my favourite. They are rolley puppies and man they really were little rolls of cutiness

From Mancora we travelled 12 hours (not fun) by bus to the city of Trujillo pretty much the Las Vagas of Peru apart from the Casinos, but it deffently had the sand. There is sand at this place as far as the eye can see.
Trujillo is home to the Chun Chun ruins. The biggest city made out of sand bricks. This place was MASSIVE. It used to be home to about 250,000 Chimu people pre Inca. The Incans came but as they are form the highlands (mountains) didn't really adjust to the coast so they desserted it and left it to the Spaniards who once aagin came took the good stuff and buggered off. We met an awesome Brazilian guy here who has heard of New Zealand and the All Blacks so he was our friend straight away. He then took a look at Db and said "Maori eh?" in the coolest accent ever. i think Db was pretty chuffed someone here knew who he was. He then asked the other two guys we are with where they were from and when they said Australia he laughed at them. Haha it made me whole day cause he said "no good at rugby huh?"

Db and myself at the Chan Chan ruins totally made out of sand, so impressive.

Walkways at the ruins

Db next to the huge passage ways, to keep the nobel in and the common people out of the main palace.

In the middle of all this sand the clever Chimu people had managed to irrigate a pretty impressive lake.

Storage houses for food, mostly corn, beans, sweet potato

Db and myself with people dressed in what the Chimu people would have worn.

At some other ruins made by the Chimu the work on the stone represents the type of building it was


Me and the huge walls of artwork, once again so impressive

From here the other two guys we are on the trip with, found some dodgy girls online to hangout/play with. So for this stop it has just been Db and myself. Which has been crazy as both of our spanish sucks but we have managed to order our meals, requesting eggs runny, ask for milk in our drinks and medium rare steak. We even managed to to book ourselves a tour sand surfing these massive dunes with a guy named Amando.
Db up on the board, not for long hahaha

Me on the board

Going down, note that im actually standing pretty proud of myself considering im totally un co with no balance

What goes down must come up. this was the sucky part of sand boarding everytime you went down which lasted about five mintues it took you 10 to get back up.

Db ready to roll

Db and our instructor Amando

Check out these awesome boarders

These are the dunes we were boarding they were sooooooo fricken high and gave you killer calves.

Here's some videos for you to laugh at. Mum/Dad click on the red writing to link you to the movies.
This is my first attempt at sand surfing quite proud really haha.
Note: I have the poorest balance in the world. and have always been too chicken to snowboard or ski so this was quite a proud moment haha
Oh and the thing on my head is my makeshift turban as there was sand everywhere and it was getting in my eyes and was extremely hot.

Db trying to sand surf
Db thought he was the man, but let me tell you i have at least an hour worth of footage of him rolling down the slopes.

Quite proud of this effort
Yip quite proud of this effort and the dismount was intentional cause i didnt want to go all the way to the bottom because i was too lazy to clim b all the way back.

We also made it to the seaside of Trujillo where Db and myself brought a little fishing line and tried our luck. With some help from a local who told us the bait the man had sold as was crap and told us to get this other shell fish which was like pipi's I caught our first fishy. i was pretty stoked with myself until Mr macho Db had to go and out do me with his catch. Anyways we have had heaps of fun exploring Trujillo and we are both pretty proud oursleves for surviving on our own and not getting lost.

Plaza de armas Trujillo, beautiful plaza in the most amazing colours

Our awesome little fishing line we brought from some man

I caught the first fish was pretty stoked with myself until........

Db had to go and catch a bigger one, i was soo not impressed, from then on he was trying to tell me how to fish grrrr.

Db trying to fish

Me again with fishy. Note no fish we harmed in the making of these photos we threw them all back.

From here we are flying back to Lima to rest a little until we head off to Cusco to tackle Macchu Pichu.

Take care all
Till we post again
Sherry and Db

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Cool videos, almost wet myself laughing, most of the time we saw Sherry's bum, good effort. We are still experiencing some awesome weather, Tuesday was a bit windy though and the Palm Tree at the back shed some more branches. Dad has arrived for another week off and Nan will be here on Saturday so we will be "Packed to the Rafters" again, ha, ha. Dad said to say hello, looks like you are having a good time, I forward the emails on to him in Moranbah so he reads your posts as well. So I'm on RDO as the moment, just dropped the kids at school, one more day till holidays, and we may go do some shopping today :)

Love your posts
Mum and Dad Butler

by Tania Butler

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