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Going down the Amazon

A trip down the amazon visiting the local bora tribe and a family with some pretty cool pets

overcast 38 °C

Today may have been one of the best days of my life besides the last day i saw my ankles haha. No but seriously today was EPIC.
we travelled to the port of Iquitos today where the river meets the amazon. This place is literally a shanty town but the people were some of the friendliest people yet proving the Beetles right 'all you need is love" haha.

Over looking the Port of Iquitos


Typical house on stilts as in the rainy season the water will rise have way up the stilts and this boat will also be a float

Anyways from the port we jumped on this dodgy wooden boat (mum it was dodgy but safe haha) and travelled down the amazon river


Typical Iquitos boat


On board our dodgy but safe boat haha



So many people fishing the amazon, i guess for their dinner

We arrived at Marcelo's house where he keeps a whole array of animals as free roaming pets. This was quite possibly the coolest 3 hours of my life, playing with the the baby monkeys and the sloth. I also met some more cute little kids who were eating something that resembled maggots of a seat but when they saw my camera they really wanted me to take a photo so they could look at themselves haha.


Exactly like a baby, doesnt want to be put down and eats chicken by sucking on it first, so flippin cute


This one i wanted to bring home


It's a sloth! Mumma sloth is named Wendy baby sloth is named Mary


Db having a little moment with the sloth's haha


They always look sleepy and happy as the fruit they live off is a bit like a drug for them. But arent they cute.


Today we found a even bigger anaconda, this one however hadn't been feed for awhile and was to heavy to hold.


Db struggled to hold this one as it used its weight to its advantage.


Ana flippin conda


This is the only turtle that can roll over if placed on back


Curious of the camera and seeing themselves in it

After we had spent some time with Marcelo and his "pets" it was back in the boat and further down the amazon to the village of the Bora Bora tribe.
Here we watched them do their traditional cultural dances (which also meant us joing in) and they showed us how to use their native blow gun, which was pretty impressive. Db also got conned into drinking all sorts of local drinks only to be told after he had drunk it that one was furmented monkey penis haha. They even brought out the bottle to show him. By the way they wait till the monkey dies before they cut off its wanga haha.


Cheif of the Bora Bora tribe








Db with a traditional blow gun

So with time a ticking it was once more into the boat as tonight we are off to watch Peru vs Ecuador in soccor.

So when i find out the result of the match i'll let you know which i don't know when that will be as we are heading out tomorrow somewhere in the mountains haha.
Keep on trucking and love ya all loads.
Sherry and Db

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Welcome to the jungle

First 2 days in Iquitos

sunny 38 °C

Well we arrived in Iquitos and BAMM we were hit with a wave of heat like we have never experienced before. My (Sherry) body is in such a state of shock that it has done the following to my ankles.

good looking feet huh? haha


Yes i now have cankles, and for all you people who have ever laughed at cankle wearers you are so CRUEL haha. Cankles are SOOO sore.

Anyways back to Iquitos. Iquitos is soo deep in the Amazon that it is only accessable by air or river,meaning it is pretty much cut off from the rest of the wrod. It is pretty underdeveloped but man it is an awesome place.

Typical Iquitos street


Main means of transport here and they go really fast. Seems to be same road rules as Lima haha


Children here just play in the streets in amongest the dirt, these kids thought i was funny because im so white.


Same kids just playing in the entrance of our resturant


Soo many street dogs here. They all are very skinny with very little fur :(


street food with everyhting from grubs to piranhas

We have arranged to have the same taxi drivers (Elvis and Ranger) while here and they have been sooooo awesome in showing us Iquitos.


Ranger (left) Elvis (right)


Ranger let us pose on his mototaxi haha he wasn't brave enough to let me drive it though :)


Haha Db's head didn't fit

They took us to the jungle were we went anaconda hunting, also coming across some beautiful parrots and a crazy man wanting me to pat his alligator so i had did oh and might i add Db was too scared :).


The mighty amazon river


Locals believe that the garden of Eden was here in the amazon


Me holding an anaconda. these things are SOO heavy


Just call me the snake tamer haha


My birthday present to Db haha





A man told me to pat the alligator and it would be rude to say no haha, might i add Db was too scared :)

Anyways i must be off as it is Db's birthday today and we are going to go celebrate it jungle style, don't know what they means as Evils and ranger are taking us out.


Ready to party with the locals for Db's birthday
So till we post again
Love ya all

Ranger's wife is due to have a little girl in a week and they are calling her Sherry as they really like my name (mum you should be proud im spreading the name for you :)) .

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No entiendo

First two days in Lima the city of grey skies and a continous beep.

overcast 21 °C

No entiendo ( i don't understand) My new favourite saying and one that i think i might be using a lot throughout this trip.
As the travel Dr recommended not drinking the water we thought we would be clever and try to purchase what we thought was a bottle of water to brush our teeth ,only to find out it was lemonade, which kind of defeats the purpose and has quickly lead me to my new favourite phrase "No entiendo". This same phrase however backfired on the bus, when told something on the bus by the driver i responded with "No entiendo" which now must have made him excited as he realised he could charge us more because we had no idea what he was trying to tell us. It wasn't until our travel partner who speaks Spanish but couldn't find a seat near us told us he had charged us extra haha.

Anyways how to describe Peru... This place is CRAZY,the colour of Lima is GREY, it is always cloudy here apart from around an hour a day and is soo smoggy that my snot has turned a nasty black, just incase you wanted to know haha. The sound of Lima is constant car horns as EVERYONE is beeping. From what i can tell there are road rules but you only follow them if you want to be abused. People here make their own lanes and generally go where ever they want with no indication (this includes buses who like to scrap along the sides of other cars). I am getting used to it now but lets just say the first night i nearly had brown undies if you get what i mean haha.

As for the city its self you can diffently see the influence the spanish have had. We travelled to the heart of Lima the "Plaza de armas" where the presidential palace is. This place was so heavily guarded i was quite impressed and had to get a photo, or two haha.

Alley ways lined with Spanish styled buildings

Cathedral at Plaza de armas

Cathedral again

Beautiful stained glass window at hostel

Inside building built in 1924, was pretty cool

Monument to honour Jose De San Martin who liberated Peru


Royal guards

Can you say Polica


Lastly because i know you are all so worried about our nutrition haha, let me just say this place has some seriously AMAZING food. So far i have sampled Pollo (chicken cooked in the most amazing way) and a whole variety of seafood which i know Butlers you would LOVE.
Mmm seafood sooooo good

Inca cola (tastes like creaming soda)

Anyways i must be off as we are flying out to Iquitos (city situated in the amazon) early tomorrow and really need some sleep.
So till we post again from Iquitos have fun at work :)
Sherry and Db

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Achievement objective: Navigate way to foreign country.

Success criteria: Arrive in Lima Peru with all baggage and travel buddies.

overcast 10 °C

Well as the title suggusts today was all about trying to navigate our way through three different airports with the intention of ending up in Lima, the capital of Peru.
I can thankfully say that after 17 hours flying time we have safely arrived in Lima, achieving our objective.

So me (Sherry) being paranoid about missing our flight was positive that we needed to be at the airport early. So with a 5am taxi transfer we were on our way. Yeah lets just say we got to the airport WAY to early and thus leading to photos of crazy boredom mixed with excitement and anticipation.

Excited much haha

So once we actually got on the first flight it was off to the mother land New Zealand. Quite cruel really as I was soo close to home yet so far and yip you guessed it i had a little cry haha.

Few pics of the beautiful home land
We weren't smiling after the 9th hour haha

After a 2 hour stop over we were once again on our way, this time however we were in for an 11 hour flight, NOT cool as the lady in front of me FULLY reclined her seat meaning my tv was right in front of my face. But hey we survived that and flew into Santiago, Chile to the amazing views of the snow capped Andes.

Beautiful Andes, absolutely amazing, they go on forever

Last leg of the journey was the final connecting flight to Lima, Peru where we will spend the next two days exploring.

Well thats it for now.
We are all safe and EXTREMELY tired but the good times are diffently flowing.

Till we post of Lima.
Sherry and Db

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Operation Pack

The not so nice side of travelling

sunny 21 °C

It's the final countdown

Well this is it finally D day and time to start packing. While I (Sherry) was super organised and packed with plenty time remaining Db took somewhat of a different approach and chose to just chuck it all in before we went.

All this and more needed to be fitted into two bags, not FUN!

Db finally deciding to get started on the packing, just love his she'll be right attitude.

All packed and ready to go.

Passport... check, Travel guide.......check, ready to go

So with the packing out of the way all there is to do now is sit back relax oh and watch the All Blacks smash the Wallibies.
Hopefully we will have time to post regulary and keep you all up to date with our adventures.

Till we post again
Love ya lots
Sherry and Db

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