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The sacred valley of the Incan Empire

Exploring the sacred valley around Cusco

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Mum, Dad are you out there? Havent heard from you in awhile

Anyways GO THE WARRIORS! Db decided it would be an awesome idea to wake up at 4:30 and listen to the game on a radio through his IPhone. I however was still trying to sleep as i knew he would be talking about it all day anyway if they won and we are heading off to Macchu Pichu. Sadly i was unable to sleep because everytime the Warriors got a try or the refs did something Db didn't like, he decided it would be a good idea to shake me followed by pacing around the hotel room, which let me tell you has old creeky wooden floors. But hey lets just say we have one VERY happy Db.

So we have arrived in cute little Cusco and man this place is soo high up that it is crazy how people live here. It is hard explaining what it is like with the altitude but we walked a block on flat ground and found ourselves puffing. We also discovered after climbing some pretty extreme ruins that while we were puffing hard core looking to catch our breath we didnt actually have a fast heart rate.

So with this altitude we got off the plane and Db instantly had a bit of a spinning head ache and pain behind your eyes. So we headed to the hotel where we were greeted to a warm cup of coco tea. These are the leaves used to make cocaine, but before you get angry mum you need a butt load of leaves to make cocaine and the amount of leaves i put in my cup is perfectly legal and didn't make me high but they do believe here that it helps to stimulate the blood cells to carry more oxygen.

Cocoa leaves, you just put as many as you want in a cup of hot water and you good to go. Taste ok actually

This places has an AMAZING range of corn, and some of them are crazily big. The purple corn is used to make the yummiest drink called Chicha. i will seriously miss this drink.

From our all nighter of resting the next day we got up bright and chirpy and we were off to explore the sacred valley. This place is truely amazing and the Incans were some crazy arse people for the achievements they made and the mountains they climbed.

The sacred valley

Db and myself and the sacred valley. This valley runs all the way to Macchu Pichu

Our first stop was the ruins at Pisac.
Slopes built by the Incans where they grew their crops. they designed it like this for irrigation and because of the wind. quite smart people really.

Ican windows

Db and Incan houses in the background

Not sure what these were but whatever they were it is clear Db is too tall to be an Incan, people here call him Grandaso (means massive) one kid even called it out when Db was entering a hot pool then quickly swam away.

Old Incan temple

The group

Haha i got my jumping photo

Next stop were the Incan ruins of Ollantaytambo
The ruins

Look carefully in the red circle and you can see the face of an Incan king, pretty cool huh. you should be able to see a profile of the side of his face with his head gear on.

Myself at a water fountain used by the priests, the Incan irrigation system is seriously amazing

Db at fountain

More of the ruins

Last stop was a temple build by the Spaniards dating back to the 17th century in Chinchero.

On the way to the tempole with snow capped mountains, we were seriously high at this stage

Db and myself and our new friend the guinea pig

Me and the guinea pig

At the entrance to the plaza outside the temple

Huge cross at the temple

The temple

Oh and here some photos of the beautiful people of the sacred valley
Boy and his Llama and lamb with Cusco in the background


Me with the young boy, discovered he only has one look when taking a photo but smiles hard out when you give him some money for posing with you haha

Beautiful girls in traditional wear

Myself with the girls and my cool new beanie cause it is soooooo flippin cold.

Beautiful lady at the markets outside the temple

Well thats the sacred valley, next stop Macchu Pichu :)

Till i post a massive blog from the Lost city stay safe
Love ya all
Sherry and Db

Posted by The Flying Kiwi 13:31 Archived in Peru

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Hi Sherry and DB it looks great but don't eat that guinea pig for dinner

by roselle

So proud of you both and have loved following your journey. I have thought the Incas were amazing and I am sooo jealous but thanks for sharing with your amazing travel blog..take care luv from us all here...what about the Warriors!!! and the AB's

by Mary Leatherby

You have some amazing photos, Love the beanie and
the costumes.
The Ican,s were smart people and some of things
they did and where they built them are quite smart.
And the ALL BLACKS !!!!
Love Dad and Mum

by Dave Streiff

Did you have to ask the Llama to pull those AWESOME faces? Cracks me up.

by Abby Tuck

Nope that Llama is a natural, didnt even have to pay it haha. It looks like it dislocates its mouth when it eats. Anyways how is that puku of yours Mrs Tuck? How long to go now?

by The Flying Kiwi

Hello, sorry about calling while Dayday was listening to the game and telling him the result beforehand, ha, ha. Sherry you didn't show us the part where you ate the guinea pig for lunch, or did you rescue it from becoming lunch. Another awesome place xxxxx

by Tania Butler

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